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Empowering entrepreneurs, projects, and thriving communities that steward humanity's conscious expansion.

About the Foundation

The Foundation for Human Potential is dedicated to supporting and investing in entrepreneurs, innovations and infrastructure that uncover and support the exploration of human potential.

We are here to support the key foundational pillars needed to create safe, structured and supportive pathways to unlock that human potential from a place of sustainability and joy.

Our Core Pillars



Promoting holistic wellness to ensure individuals thrive in body, mind, and spirit



Providing education and resources to foster financial independence and security



Building strong, supportive communities that nurture growth and connection



Encouraging continuous learning and personal development



Supporting the embodiment of a joyful and fulfilling life for all

Our Intention

Our intention is to attract the resources to support the people, projects, infrastructure and events that make up the ecosystems that are joyfully exploring untapped human potential.

Our Story

Failure Rates of Founders & Their Projects

Let's face the facts: depending on which source you look at...

a staggering 90% of startups fail1

65% of failure is due to conflict of co-founders2

26% of failure is due to personnel issues3

and up to 95% could be due to a lack of mentors4

Simply put: There's a critical need for personal development, coaching, and resources for founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

Emergence of a New Kind of Entrepreneur

There's also an emergence of a new breed of entrepreneur—the Quantum-preneur.

These are individuals who, through conscious awakening, receive paradigm-shifting technologies, visions, or unique gifts that unlock human potential.

These individuals require similar yet nuanced forms of support for themselves and their projects.

Research shows that startups with strong support systems and mentorship grow 3.5x faster5 and are 5x6 more likely to be successful than those without.

The Foundation for Human Potential was established to bridge the resource gap for these early-stage Quantum-preneur founders developing paradigm-shifting projects in consciousness, innovation, well-being, and human potential.

So are you ready to support these visionaries who are transforming our world and pushing the boundaries of consciousness and human potential?

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